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Lisa Hostman, RPC-C


Check out this video on the Polyvagal theory:the new science of safety and trauma

meet Lisa:


I am a Registered Professional Counsellor-C with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. As a long standing certified Pilates instructor and coach for Pain BC, I have also had the immense pleasure of helping my clients work through significant challenges in order to achieve their health and wellness goals. Over the years I've observed that when people courageously come to work with me desiring change, they don't just bring their bodies- they bring their whole lives. In my experience you can't separate them, at least not without great cost.


Beginning with both early trauma and multiple injuries sustained through a long professional dance career, I experienced how early patterning, unhelpful beliefs and chronic illness negatively influenced how I showed up in all aspects of my life, including close relationships. Being supported to understand, express and then consciously re-write those early stories in more life-affirming ways is one of the many things that drew me into the counselling profession. I truly believe that when helped to get out of our own way, we are resilient, relational beings that can actively construct our lives in personally meaningful ways. And it is an ongoing journey!


With a sense of warmth, openness, compassion and curiosity, I am passionate about cultivating peoples' ability to untie themselves from whatever is preventing them from living their fullest lives.

individual & relationship counselling:

Counselling is a process, an active conversation aimed at allowing us to gain insight into who we are, feel and understand our emotions within a safe space and experience being deeply heard and validated- sometimes for the first time! While this alone can be very valuable, creating lasting change often requires us to take one more step- consistently practicing both thinking in ways that may not be familiar, as well as choosing different actions in our lives. This is often the tough part: to go against long held patterns that can seem so resistant to change. It is also where being supported and guided by a skilled counsellor can be extremely helpful. 

How I practice counselling is strongly influenced by the belief that quality relationships are fundamental to our well-being, and that they are learned, not innate. Therapeutically I draw from Relational Life Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Wellness Coaching and Mindfulness-based principles. Depending on what we decide will be the most helpful, sessions may include a combination of therapeutic conversation and/or somatic practices. Collaborative, deeply respectful and at a pace led by you, our time together will be focused on growing the awareness, practical skills, and support necessary for you to move from where you are now, to where you'd like to be.

Appointments available in both North Vancouver and the Broadway/Cambie area of Vancouver BC.





15 minute initial telephone inquiry~ Free

1 hour session~ $85 plus GST

90 minute session~$120 plus GST

90 minute couples session~ $140 plus GST



You've got this..

Nurturing resilience, deepening personal authenticity and empowering choiceful, relational living through self-compassion, accountability and vulnerability

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