scoliosis II, working with props and correctives~ Nanaimo- June 9th, 2018



While the first workshop in this series focused on gaining a better understanding of the mechanics of scoliosis and provided a few tools to work with in studio, part II will focus on corrective exercises and cueing for a 3-curve type scoliosis. Using live models and demonstrations whenever possible, participants will have time to observe and practice basic corrections using hands on and verbal cues as well as props such as small wedges, bands and blocking. Applications for reformer, chair and Pilates tower/mat will be provided.

Note: While attendance at the first workshop is helpful,

a brief refresher of the anatomy will be provided.

Date: June 9th, 2018 1-4:30 P.M.

Cost: $85.00

Contact: Margaret Merritt, Fine Balance Pilates & Physiotherapy


Three  Intelligently crafted continuing education workshops designed to inspire and challenge you while deepening your skills as Pilates instructors.

Two Top notch practitioners who are leaders in their fields.

Three Three-hour weekend afternoons of amazing learning spaced over 3 months.

 Come join us in taking your learning to the next level!!



  • Maximum number of participants is limited to 8 to optimize learning and practice time (so register soon!!)

  • Cost is $90 per workshop, or $260  if pre-registering for all three (plus GST)

  • All workshops take place at MOVING BODY PILATES studio in North Vancouver

  • Workshops run from 1-4 ('ish) on either Sunday or Saturday afternoons

  • See below for individual workshop descriptions and instructor bios


Saturday Jan. 20th, 2018:  Core Progressions II  ~ Dean Smith

Sunday Feb. 18th, 2018:    The Hip and Pelvis ~ Dean Smith

Sunday Mar. 11th, 2018:     Scoliosis II, Working with Props & Correctives ~ Lisa Hostman


Workshop One ~ Core Progressions II:

This workshop delves deep into something we as Pilates instructors are passionate about- the CORE! But how much do we really understand about it? What does it look like when our clients are using their core musculature effectively, and how can we tell if they are really ready to progress to that next level?

This workshop with physiotherapist Dean Smith builds on the foundational core work Dean presented in early 2017**. Using mat, Pilates equipment-based and standing exercises we will be exploring how to safely take clients into progressively more challenging exercises. This is a practical and hands on workshop so come prepared both to move and ask lots of questions!


**(Attendance at prior workshop helpful but not mandatory:-)

Workshop two ~ The Hip & Pelvis:

While a brief overview of the functional anatomy of the hip and pelvis will be presented, this workshop will focus primarily on what you will observe as Pilates practitioners when this area of the body is functioning less than optimally (which is often!).

In addition to corrective exercises to give both in and outside of the studio, you will leave with a better understanding of how to safely and effectively work with hip and knee replacements both pre and post surgery.


Workshop three ~ Scoliosis II, working with props and correctives


Hopefully the first Scoliosis workshop in this series gave you a better understanding of the mechanics of scoliosis and a few tools to work with in studio. Using live models and demonstrations, part II will focus on corrective exercises and cueing for a 3 curve type scoliosis. You will also have time to practice and ask questions:-)

Note: While attendance at the first workshop is helpful, a brief refresher of the anatomy will be provided


To register:
To participate in any or all of the workshops, please contact Lisa by sending an email to 

Instructor Bios:

Lisa Hostman:

Lisa is the owner and manager of Moving Body Pilates studio in North Vancouver. She was first introduced to the Pilates method in the process of retiring from a professional dance career, where she was drawn to its intelligent capacity to help replace non optimal patterns in the body with more efficient and functional ones. Under Master instructor Matthias Gustavsson, Lisa completed over 600 hours of internship and certification at Boditree Pilates alongside a MA in Counselling. Teaching since 2007, Lisa is passionate about helping both students and instructors fully engage with and understand what they are doing physically in order to create the lasting changes they wish to embody.

In 2011 Lisa completed a specialization program in Pilates techniques for Scoliosis with Suzanne Martin, DPT. She has continued to update her knowledge with the Schroth Method-based work of Scolio-Pilates author Karena Thek-Lineback. Having personal experience with what it's like to live with a spinal curvature, Lisa enjoys working with all aspects of scoliosis. She teaches private and small group classes designed to educate, as well as provide clients with physical strategies to better manage their scoliosis in everyday life.

Dean Smith:

 With his keen mind, excellent manual therapy and IMS skills and ever positive personality, Dean has been a sought after physiotherapist for over 18 years, and currently works in a busy orthopedic practice in Kitsilano. In addition to his work as a physio, Dean has a varied background and knowledge base that he brings to his lecturing and teaching. He was a professional modern dancer, a fitness leader, a student and teacher of yoga and an international presenter. 

Active as an instructor and lecturer in the fitness industry for over 15 years, Dean attempts to draw on all of his resources to help educate, excite and energize those he touches in his workshops. When not working at the clinic or teaching, Dean can be found with his partner or friends, running, climbing, kayaking or skiing in the coast mountains.  

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