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About Us

Moving Body Pilates Studio

Situated in the beautiful city of North Vancouver, Moving Body Pilates studio is a place for those who want to be more consciously aware of and involved in the process of how they show up in their own bodies and lives..


Are you the kind of person who is curious about the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’?


Would you like to experience more strength and vitality, more self -awareness and connection within the body you have?


More choices in the way you experience your physicality?


Would you like to redefine yourself in less limiting ways after the experience of chronic pain or injury?


Welcome...  You have come to the right place!!

Depending on your own particular goals, at Moving Body Pilates you will enjoy the many benefits of a consistent Pilates practice- from purely athletic to rehabilitative to simply being more comfortable in your own skin. Over many years we have helped hundreds of clients with varying physical ailments such as chronic back, neck, shoulder and joint pain move into fully functioning lives.


Using a blend of Pilates’ principles alongside research from current exercise science, our work is underscored with a strong belief that given the right conditions, the body and nervous system will move towards a more balanced and integrated position.

Come join us on your own personal journey to becoming...

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