What we offer- semi-private classes


At Moving Body Pilates we specialize in personalized training that is driven by your movement and life goals. We truly believe change is possible, and will offer you our skills and undivided attention in order to help facilitate that. Semi-private sessions are for you if you would like the benefits of private training but prefer to work with a training partner at a reduced cost. If you do not have a partner but would like this option, please speak to us about finding someone who would be a good fit for you. For more information on private training, please

Pilates matPlus intro/int/adv


This one hour class builds upon Pilates matwork fundamentals by incorporating weighted resistance and increasingly challenging sequences made possible by the springs and pulleys unique to the Pilates equipment. Breathe, stretch, connect and move at a level and pace that fits with where you are at. As with all sessions at Moving Body Pilates, with consistent practice you will make progressive gains in your core strength and stability, as well as develop a more balanced musculature overall. Come and experience what it feels like to be deeply connected ….your body will thank you!




RestoraFit Pilates


This mat-based class is designed for people working with specific spinal conditions or other physical challenges such as knee or hip replacements that require them to work particularly mindfully. While these semi-private sessions incorporate the majority of the traditional Pilates repertoire taught in our mat/Plus series, modifications are made that allow the exercises to fit YOU, versus the other way around. In order to optimize individual client experience, at least 1-3 private sessions are required before joining this class.




Pilates for Scoliosis


Using education, spinal elongation and de-rotation techniques, clients are taught how to strengthen their bodies in order to both find and hold a more neutral position. This class incorporates mat, tower and chair work.

Click here to learn more about Pilates for scoliosis.

Pilates for Dancers


Due to the specific demands of ballet training, dancers are prone to unique muscular imbalances which, if left unchecked can contribute to a host of physical complaints. These may include ‘clicking’ or painful hips, labral tears, bunions, lower back,  neck or foot pain and ankle sprains or strains.  After an initial assessment, dancers will be taken through a series of Pilates –based exercises designed to strengthen their core, balance their hip musculature and build muscular control in increasingly complex movements. 




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