Lisa Hostman Certified Pilates Intructor
Lisa was first introduced to the Pilates method in the process of retiring from a professional dance career. Under Master instructor Matthias Gustavsson, Lisa completed over 600 hours of internship and certification at Boditree Pilates alongside an MA in Counselling. Lisa’s primary interest in the Pilates method is in its intelligent capacity to help replace non optimal patterns in the body with more efficient and functional ones.
Teaching since 2007, Lisa encourages clients to fully understand and take ownership of what they're doing physically in order to create the lasting changes they desire. Her fascination with and years of experience studying how and why the body moves (or doesn't move!) has provided her with a keen eye. Whether they come to her from a rehab or athletic background, clients will attest that working with Lisa is both physically challenging and rewarding as she offers consistent, progressive feedback in a supportive and fun environment.
"I'm so excited about the progress I'm making from a debilitating injury with Lisa's guidance and incredible support. Her knowledge about how the body functions and her ability to apply it to my recovery is amazing."
~Robin Wilson
In 2011 Lisa completed a specialization program in Pilates techniques for Scoliosis with physiotherapist Suzanne Martin. She has continued to update her knowledge with the Schroth Method inspired work of Scolio-Pilates author Karena Thek-Lineback. Having personal experience with what it's like to live with a spinal curvature, Lisa is passionate about working with all aspects of scoliosis. She teaches private and small group classes designed both to educate clients about as well as to provide physical strategies to better manage their scoliosis in everyday life. 
Kiki Laxton Certified Pilates Instructor

Kiki Laxton brings nearly 15 years of experience to her Pilates teaching. She trained comprehensively for two years with the highly renowned Kelly Goulon Studio in London (UK), and has worked extensively at respected studios on the North Shore. Kiki specializes in classical and clinical Pilates, as well as pre/post natal classes. She is also a qualified Fletcher Pilates Instructor (since 2011) and is a certified Parkinson's Wellness Recovery (PWR!) instructor. She has been a certified Pilates Foundation instructor since 2004. Her clients range from those wanting general fitness to those with specific rehabilitative or Parkinson's needs, but all of them have enjoyed the benefits of feeling stronger and fitter with improved posture after training with her.

Born in Hong Kong, Kiki has worked throughout Asia, Europe and North America. She holds an MBA from Edinburgh, as well as a BA (Hons) from Leeds and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and French. Kiki emigrated to Vancouver with her husband and three children in 2009. She currently lives in West Vancouver. When she is not teaching, Kiki enjoys hiking in the outdoors, spending time with her family, swimming and reading. 
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