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Wedging for 3-curve scoliosis

What do we use those funny looking (in this case pink) wedges for? According to scoliosis expert Karena Thek Linebeck, in order to bring the spine with scoliosis into the most neutral alignment it can achieve, we need to create correction in three dimensions. The wedges help to bring the convex areas of the rib cage and lumbar curve forward, as well as slide them towards the opposite direction. Dropping the right shoulder back and reaching out through the elbow helps to both pop that ribcage convexity forward as well as realign the shoulder girdle and keep it from, in this case, being pulled to the left along with the ribs. Breathing and strengthening exercises are layered on top of this 3 dimensional correction. Again, she is working quite hard to maintain this neutral alignment, so kudos to her focus and concentration. Quite a joy to work with!

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