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Life with Scoliosis

Life with scoliosis is not something most people would choose. I watch my young people trying to navigate their teenage years with unrelenting pain or having to wear a brace (“I can’t wear the clothes I want because you can see the stupid brace”). Or struggling with the concept of having surgery (“ …but I like to move my spine in all of these fun ways! Can I still do a backbend or slump on the couch if all those bones are fused??? ”). My heart goes out to the parts of them that are struggling, but also celebrates what is deeply courageous. It is courageous to be different, to struggle, to be angry at the universe because it’s forcing upon you a picture you didn’t choose. And to work through that in whatever way makes sense. My hope is pretty simple- that through it all each of them will discover that who they are is unique and beautiful and so much more than whether their spine is straight or curvy. Gratitude for each of you I’ve had the privilege to walk beside…

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